Shadman Cotton Mills Ltd. is one of the leading ISO 9001 certified textile setups in Pakistan incorporated in 1979. Currently we operate a ring-spinning milll and an apparel stitching unit

The factories are located in Sheikhupura, Pakistan with its office located in the city of Lahore. The company has a capacity to produce over 10 Million kgs of high quality ring spun yarn and 100,000 woven bottom wear per month. The factory is focused on ethical manufacturing and emphases on socially and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

In order to meet our in-house energy needs we also have two Power Generation Plants with a capacity of over 5MW within the same premises. They maintain a capacity to provide continuous energy to not only the factory but also to the government in order to provide electricity to nearby residents and smaller industries.

With a commitment to excellence and growth Shadman Cotton Mills is engaged in development of new products at all times. With a sophisticated laboratory, on-going research and with the help of our customers we aim to excel at every task. Shadman is a family of over 500 dedicated employees. Our professional management ensures only high quality products reach our clients. Our consistent efforts to maintain high standards at all levels of manufacturing have earned us a strong ethical and social reputation in the global market.