About Us 

Since its establishment in 1978, Shadman has held a prominent position as a leading textiles manufacturer. Renowned as a pioneer in the industry, Shadman has built a reputation as a dependable supplier of high-quality textile products to global brands. With multiple divisions under its umbrella, Shadman proudly presents a diverse range of premium products to cater to a variety of needs.


Striving to attain global leadership in quality, we aim to establish unparalleled standards, securing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our unwavering commitment to excellence serves as the cornerstone of our journey.


Empowered by expertise and cutting-edge technologies, our mission is to deliver unparalleled textile products of superior quality. Upholding values of integrity, transparency, and continuous improvement, we aim to surpass customer expectations, cultivate enduring partnerships, and play a pivotal role in the sustainable growth and success of the textile industry.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Our CSR initiatives center on transparently and positively impacting the community and environment in proximity to our business. In our commitment to giving back to society, we meticulously assess the current needs.


At Shadman, our commitment is to minimize our carbon footprint, championing the responsible production of goods. Our eco-friendly philosophy is the foundation of our future progress.